Sports, Arts & Culture

The Sports, arts & culture program aims to decrease HIV infection rates by promoting a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle through participation in teams. With so many different  programs the youth have been offered a constructive environment that teaches them teamwork, discipline, self-motivation, and respect for others all while having a good time. It also provides a potential career for those who excel in it.
The program encourages the development of other sportsmanship, such as soccer, table tennis, netball, indigenous sports, etc.  An objective of the program is to identify talent among the youth and to develop their skills and create relationship with our organisation for future clientele/beneficiary.



  • To work towards creating an enabling environment to provide capacity to the youth in the fields of sports, arts, culture and recreation.
  • To identify development priorities and seek to influence donors, grant makers, organized business and other stakeholders to support the Youth Life development agenda.
  • To promote youth participation in the conceptualization, implementation and evaluation of sports, arts & culture development of the youth.
  • To address the youth sports, arts & culture coaching crises by lobbying for leadership development and coaching programs.
  • To promote collaboration amongst sports, arts & culture structures working in the same geographical area.
  • To collaborate with other role players both in the Sedibeng, the Gauteng Province, South Africa and foreign countries to create partnerships to assist in Youth Life meeting its goals and objectives.