Home Based Care

Team of caregivers walk from home to home caring for people who are in need of physical and emotional support during their illnesses. A major aspect of their service is palliative care which means staying with the patient during their final hours.
In addition to helping the patient, our caregivers also help the patient’s families. This can involve feeding the family, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, and getting water from the community taps.

They also try to ensure that children are not exposed to traumatizing situations. Caregivers are trained in trauma identification and counselling, especially for children, and thus are able to offer their patient and their families, emotional and spiritual counselling.

There are five major tragedies that emanate from HIV/AIDS: the psycho-social impact on children who sit by helplessly watching as their parent suffers and dies, the negative psychological impact on the sufferer, the social stigmatization of both patient and family, the physical pain suffered in the last stages of AIDS and the possibility that the HIV positive person has infected another person. When these impacts are combined with dire poverty and increasing numbers of infected people, the result on all spheres of community life are devastating.