Preventing violence against women and HIV infection

Violence against women is both a cause and consequence of HIV infection. Different types of violence against a woman can cause her to become HIV-positive. Because of her HIV-positive status, more of the same types of violence can be inflicted upon her. The root cause of this situation is the imbalance of power in relationships between women and men, girls and boys. There is an urgent need for communities to start advocating for a balance of power and the benefits for everyone.
SASA! is about rethinking power—your power, my power, the power we can have together.  We have the power to learn and inform, to support others, to create change for safer, healthier relationships and communities. We have the power to prevent violence against women and HIV/AIDS.
Sasa is a Kiswahili word that means now. Now is the time to prevent violence against women and its connection to HIV/AIDS. We chose the name SASA! as a reminder of the urgency to act. SASA! offers tools, guidance and encouragement for individual activists and activist organizations ready to act now! SASA!